Hmmm, it's my first blog. How do I make an epic first impression? I could crack a few jokes, whip out my arsenal of ‘artistic poetic verses’ for some flare or I could keep things short and sweet. What do I do?

Let's go with the last option...LOL

HELLO! I’m Erin, a Calgary, AB based photographer who seriously LOVES 'love' and is obsessed with curating beautiful images for families, couples, individuals or whoever - you name it! I’m SO amped that you’re here! Seriously.

I figured since we're both new around here, I could share a couple things about myself so we can get this 'friend-train' rolling...

Full disclosure, I am addicted to Calgary's very own Monogram Coffee, it's seriously the best in the city. If we meet it will probably be at one of their three locations. My top fav picks are their drip coffee (Kenia Gomez), London Fog,  Matcha Tonic or their espresso milkshake. Yes. I said espresso milkshake and it is EVERYTHING! A not-so-well known fact about me is that I'm low-key a decent dancer. HA! HA! I might even be able to moonwalk a bit! But these top secret moves only come out to play when R&B or Hip-Hop tracks come on. As a Calgarian you're probably thinking I can 2-step as well. Sorry to disappoint but the answer is definite no! I've never been good at it! I've had almost 10 years of practice here in YYC/ cowboy city and I still get my feet tangled up. The last thing you should know about me is that I'm a twin! YES! I've got a twin-sis and we look NOTHING alike! We're quite opposite in fact but we're amazing friends and I love her to bits. She's one of my favourite people and she inspires me a great deal. LOVE YOU SIS!

Now if you want to know even MORE about me, check out the quiz below! I would LOVE to hear what you would choose! Find the 'this or that' quiz here. Post it  to Instagram with #HELLOwonderphotographyxo so I can get to know you a bit better and say HI!

Can't wait to meet all of you! Thanks for stopping by, friends.

Never lose the wonder,

Erin XO


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Erin Smith