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I am truly blown away with our wedding photos, they are absolutely perfect! Erin has such a warm, positive and vibrant personality and her love for photography is reflected in her work. We feel blessed to have found her. We are forever grateful for her.
— -The Deveaus
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We can’t thank you enough for capturing our special day perfectly, even when time wasn’t on our side, you rocked it girl. Because of you we now have memories that will last us a lifetime and for that we are so grateful. I am so happy the stars aligned and you were able to be our photographer.

— The Panizzons
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Erin is nothing short of amazing. Her work really captures the moments that matter most. Her easygoing attitude is what makes things so fun and relaxed.
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I am super excited that you're here and considering me as your wedding photographer!

I'm Erin, a photographer, singer, songwriter and dad-joke teller extraordinaire! Most people say I'm a laid back, light-hearted person, who makes everyone feel right at home. Well, guess what? The rumours are true! I LOVE people and it's my joy to create something unforgettable with you and for you.

Being a visual storyteller is the greatest honour in the world! I'm inspired by the whirlwind of emotions that tend reveal themselves on a wedding day. What a gift it is to be a fly on the wall, laughing, crying and celebrating with so-called 'strangers' who inevitably become friends. To top it all off, I get to tell a one-of-a kind story, your story.

If photography is really important to you and you're looking for a someone who is passionate about what they do and the people they capture, then I'm your girl.

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My husband and I were so happy with our wedding photos! Erin caught some amazing moments of our special day. I couldn’t stop looking through them the first few days we received them. Erin was an absolute joy to work with the entire process!
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